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About Supernatural

“Supernatural” is a weekly drama airing Thursday nights at 9 EST on the CW Network.  It is about two brothers, Sam and Dean, and their inherited quest to overcome evil supernatural forces that plague our world.

Sam and Dean hunt and kill ghosts, demons, shape shifters, and all kinds of evils.  But their personal demons are the ones that will get to them first. 

Sam is cursed with demon blood.  He craves it.  It’s become his obsession.  Dean has been to hell and back, literally.  He remembers vividly all the pain that he felt and caused while he was there.  But he was ripped from hell by an angel, Castiel, to do God’s work in stopping the Apocalypse.

Dean finds out that it was his acts in hell that caused the first seal of revelations to be broken and open the door to the Apocolypse.  It is Sam’s final act of killing Lilith, a primary demon in their battles, with his own supernatural powers that breaks the final seal and brings on the end.

Throughout last season, Sam and Dean were at odds with each other.  Their brotherly bond was broken by forces both evil and good weighing down on them.  Their mission was to stop the Apocalypse and the rise of Satan.  They failed.  Now Satan is free and the only thing left to do is run.

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