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I love trying to guess the end of a story or TV show plot. And because so many follow a formula, I’m usually able to get it. But Supernatural is definitely not one of those shows. Last weeks show totally wowed me. I loved the inclusion of a prophet who was a broke writer, showing how the ordinary man can be destined for the extraordinary.

I didn’t expect Uriel to get killed or to be the one to turn on God’s angels. I thought his character would continue to develop more.

I didn’t expect angels would die by Lucifer’s sword. But I’m still perplexed by what happens when demons and angels die. Does that mean they cease to exist or go somewhere other than heaven or hell? It makes me scratch my head every time.

If they made a series of books out of the show, I’d be first on line to buy my copies.

I definitely didn’t expect Dean to be the one to actually open the first seal that can lead to the Apocalypse.

And I definitely love my Thursday night surprises every week.

Yellow Fever

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Despite the promos for this episode, “Yellow Fever” was not as scary as I expected it to be. The opening scene is of Dean narrowly escaping the vicious jaws of…a yorkie?
Dean is infected with a ghost sickness that makes him hallucinate and get very anxious. He whines about how unfair it is for them to live a life of chasing ghosts and demons. He runs at the sight of danger rather than gets ready for battle. This episode was more for fun than for scares and it definately achieved it’s goal.
In the end, the ghost that started infecting people is defeated by being forced to relive his death. In a way, I felt sorry for the ghost. He died viciously and had to relive that experience to be freed from his bondage and to free Dean from the sickness. 5 stars for humor.

Monster Movie

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It’s that time of year again when goblins and ghouls and really bad remakes of old horror movies come out to haunt us. This week’s episode of Supernatural was no exception. The concept: A ode to horror film characters like Dracula and mummies. The transitional shots and music mimic horror films from the 1940’s and 1950’s. But Supernatural made the true villain in this episode an old fashioned shape shifter. The whole show was in black and white as well. Definitely not one of my favorites but it was still mildly entertaining.

In The Beginning

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Last season, Sam was taken away in a vision of the past by the yellow eyed demon. He experienced his mother’s last moments when she interrupted his plan to infect Sam with demon blood. To Sam’s astonishment, his mother knew yellow eyes. This was the only indication of some previous relationship between the two. The subject wasn’t brouched again until last week’s episode when Dean is sent back in time by Castielle to see his parents.

My favorite part of this episode is the Oedipus Rex moment that Dean has when he sees his mom as a young woman. “Mom is a babe,” he says to himself. After realizing the wierdness of this thought, he tells himself, “I’m going to Hell…again.”

I was first reminded of “Back to the Future” because of the familiar premise, but the show quickly took a different direction, revealing a dark history between yellow eyes and the Winchesters. Mary Winchester was forced into a deal that she didn’t know the details of. Her two choices were to accept the deal and yellow eyes would leave her alone for ten years. He made the deal too hard to turn down when he broke John Winchester’s neck, promising to bring him back to life if she accepted.

Despite Dean’s fervent efforts, he could not change the past. He desperately wanted to save his family from their future life as hunters and fulfill his mother’s dream of a family not haunted by the supernatural. Castielle reminds Dean that destiny can’t be changed.

How does this information help the Winchester brothers? Their resentment towards their father, John Winchester, is ingraned deep inside their consciousness. Can this new information change thier feelings about their father and his choice to lead the life of a hunter after thier mother’s death. What will they do with this information now that both their parents are gone and yellow eyes was killed?

Are You There God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester.

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The second episode of Supernatural brought back some of last season’s victims of the supernatural. Dean is haunted by Meg’s spirit who tries to get revenge by killing him. Sam is blindsided by the appearance of Agent Hendrickson, who died in a blaze created by Lillith. Even Bobby is visited by a pair of girls who he couldn’t save in the past.

Hunters all over the country are being haunted by victims of the past and a dozen are killed. These victims were selected for a very specific reason. Hunters are well trained and mostly unphased by the supernatural because of their experiences. But the one thing that can get to a hunter is guilt. Even if that guilt is unjustified. I could have done more, I could have saved her, I could have helped them… It’s human nature to have shortcomings and these spirits that are in pain are sent after the hunters that tried to save them.

The most visually stunning part of this episode is Bobby’s “supernatural panic room” which is coated in salt and has every anti demonic symbol ever created. The room is dark and frightening and yet you can’t help but feel the same relief that the characters feel when they enter to escape the parade of angry spirits chasing after them. The hunters literally become the hunted.

Dean, Sam, and Bobby perform a ritual to get rid of the spirits that are chasing them and the other hunters.

Dean’s angel, Castielle, tells him that these spirits are part of the broken seals from the Book of Revelations. It is the first of over a hundred seals that must be broken before Satan himself is let loose on earth.

Before Castielle leaves Dean, he reminds him that his attitude is highly disrespectful and that he took him out of hell, which means he can easily put him back in. I was waiting for Castielle to put his foot down on Dean’s lack of faith and negative attitude towards God and angel. Yet Sam, who has not even seen the angel, believes in him. Does Sam have enough faith for the both of them to overcome the beginning of the end?

Lazarus Rising

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The name of the show has more than one meaning. Lazarus was a man that Jesus raised from the dead in the New Testament. After three seasons of fighting demonic spirits and supernatural horrors, Dean faces an angel of God, or at least that is the claim by one of this season’s newest characters. The angel says that he brought Dean back from the dead because Dean has a mission to fulfill. It will be interesting to see how this turns out, whether it is a trick or the truth from an angel. The plot touches on a previous episode where Sam encounters a priest’s ghost who masquerades as an angel. That particular episode ended shrouded in mystery as to whether or not the priest was truly acting out God’s will. Future episodes didn’t touch on angels.

In fact, the word heaven is never mentioned in any episode. When the Winchester boys watched their father escape hell, they simply referred to his departure to “a better place.”

So how much will religion and faith play in this season of Supernatural? And whose concept of religion will be portrayed? The episode of the ghostly priest depicted the Catholic Church. Will the Catholic Church play a part this season? Or will the show be fairly general in its use of religion as a plot element, using the idea of angels as a universal thought and not focusing on a particular religion?

Supernatural starts off this season with a bang. Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) rises from the dead and crawls out of his lonely gravesite, uncertain of where or when he is. He finds that he has no recollection of hell and four months have passed. During the show, Dean experiences a few flashbacks of hell which will probably be expanded upon in later episodes.

Dean himself appears to be the same Dean as he was at the end of last season. His resourceful nature comes out immediately upon his waking from the dead. He crawls out of his grave and seeks help at a local gas station. He picks up one of his favorite magazines, Busty Asian Beauties. This scene is used not only for its humor but to show the audience that Dean is still Dean and his four month stint in hell hasn’t changed his true nature.

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Written by Kimberly Buck

Supernatural’s Season

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Supernatural’s last season began December and it’s second episode of the season aired on January 1st.  The writing this season seems different from the last season. Although the characters maintain their personalities and quirks, the undertone of the show is even darker than other seasons that have come before. Tonight’s show was a combination of terrorizing ghostly experiences mixed with guilty ridden sorrow over lost souls. The evil doers in this episode were now ghosts because of the human failings of the main characters. And the angel of God that keeps appearing to Dean is both mysterious and leaves you with the same question in your mind when he leaves – is he an angel or not? It’s hard to tell because the concept of angels with halos and harps is not used at all. This angel is bruding and a valient soldier in God’s Army against the Apocolypse.

Sam’s character has shown significant changes this season as well. In the absence of his brother Dean, his boyish charm has faded. He is a serious man with a lowly heart who seeks to drown his sorrows in booze and women. Sam still has a touch of innocence, demonstrated by his willingness to believe in angels and God.

Tonight’s episode is the first time I can say I was actually scared, like sitting in a dark movie theatre, waiting for the next burst of action.

As the season continues, I think we will see more glimpses into what Dean underwent in his four months in hell. The angel’s character will be a vitally important part to this season. And religion itself will become a major theme, especially the Book of Revelations in the Bible.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

CW Network

The plot thickens… So an innocent girl is being chased by demons because she can hear angels. She’s also being chased by angels because … she can hear angels. Either way, this girl is screwed. Seems pretty unfair to me. This episode ended with the dreaded “To be continued.” I hate those.

I’m with Dean on the whole feeling grossed out by Sam and Ruby. It’s a body of a girl in a coma. Yuck. Brings a whole new level to necrophilia.

I don’t care for the title of this episode because it’s not really a good indicator of what the plot will be about. It’s also the title of a very lame teen movie. I would have gone with something like “Heaven Can Wait” if you’re going to use a movie title. Or maybe “Damn it’s hot down here.”

Alastair, a demon from Dean’s time in the pit, taunts Dean as he beats the hell out of him. This demon is also more powerful than the run of the mill demons that the boys usually face.

We get a closer look at what life was like for Sam without Dean. Alone, drunk, and desperate for revenge, Sam finds temporary relief with Ruby. But he’s hell bent on going after Lillith and commiting “suicide by demon.”

I thought that the appearance of Castielle and his angel friend was going to be the Winchester’s saving moment. But their relief is quickly extinguished when they realize that the angels aren’t there to help them. Before the angels say it, you can sense that their mission is to kill the girl.

On a side note, I like Castielle. He’s reasonable to some extent and was willing to show some vulnerability to Dean. But I don’t care for his buddy angel at all. He’s rude and doesn’t come close to what I think an angel should act like. I hope they humanize this character more or kill him off.

The preview for next week shows that Sam isn’t alone in succombing to lust…

“To be continued.”

“Wishful Thinking”

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CW Network

Sam and Dean think that they are on a ghost hunt as usual until they start coming across strange anomolies in a small town.  These anomolies, such as a giant suicidal teddy bear and a beautiful girl dating the geek of the town, cause them to think that something else is going on.  An ancient coin that was thrown into a small restaurant wishing well has caused all of the wishes to come true.  A young boy who was once bullied by the the other children of the town wishes for supernatural strength and receives it.  He chases his former bullies and give them a taste of their own medicine.  I personally liked this plot theme since it’s every bullied kid’s dream come true.

As it turns out, that geeky guy engaged to the gorgous woman made the first wish and is the key to stopping the rampant wish fulfillment.

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