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Are You Watching Supernatural?

photo courtesy of photobucket

photo courtesy of photobucket

Are You Watching Supernatural? is a series of fan made commercials for Supernatural.  This is one of the best that I’ve come across on youtube.  I’ll post links to others as I come across them.  Check it out.

Lucifer Rising

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I have been on the edge of my seat this season as I watched the plot unfold on Supernatural. I can usually see where a story line is headed but when it comes to Supernatural, it’s not the case. Every single episode has literally had me on the verge of screaming at the screen. “No, don’t stop there!” And tonight took the cake. Sam and Dean were played by BOTH the good guys and the bad guys. Dean was tricked into believing he alone could stop the apocolypse. Sam was tricked into believing that he alone could kill Lillith and stop the apocolypse. The gap that was placed between them was what brought everything down on them. Even the phone message that Dean left for Sam was changed by Ruby. The message drove home Sam’s greatest fear – that Dean hated him and what he was and there was no turning back or redemption. They had been manipulated every step of the way. Only Castielle was honest in all of his actions, but his hands were tied by the laws of heaven. And when he finally got the guts to fight back, it was too late.


I really thought Dean would make it on time to stop Sam, but when I think about it further, I realize I only thought that because that would have been the “Happily Ever After” ending. It would also have been the end of the show. But with this amazing cliff hanger ending, I’m even more hooked and excited to see next season.

This entire season of Supernatural has been so well written, produced, acted, and directed. And unlike many shows out right now, Supernatural’s quality doesn’t decline with time. It takes on the attributes of a fine wine, maturing and developing, tasting sweeter with every new episode.

Waiting for next season will be painful. My imagination is going wild with what will happen next. How will the next season open? And how will Dean and Sam be able to send the Devil packing back to hell?

I only have one complaint and I’ve had it all season. Katie Cassidy should have remained in the show as Ruby. Genevieve Cortese did a find job but she couldn’t compare to Cassidy’s performance.

It will be exciting to see how the brilliant writers of Supernatural will construct the story around the Apocalypse, Revelations, and man’s last days on earth.

Supernatural’s Season

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Supernatural’s last season began December and it’s second episode of the season aired on January 1st.  The writing this season seems different from the last season. Although the characters maintain their personalities and quirks, the undertone of the show is even darker than other seasons that have come before. Tonight’s show was a combination of terrorizing ghostly experiences mixed with guilty ridden sorrow over lost souls. The evil doers in this episode were now ghosts because of the human failings of the main characters. And the angel of God that keeps appearing to Dean is both mysterious and leaves you with the same question in your mind when he leaves – is he an angel or not? It’s hard to tell because the concept of angels with halos and harps is not used at all. This angel is bruding and a valient soldier in God’s Army against the Apocolypse.

Sam’s character has shown significant changes this season as well. In the absence of his brother Dean, his boyish charm has faded. He is a serious man with a lowly heart who seeks to drown his sorrows in booze and women. Sam still has a touch of innocence, demonstrated by his willingness to believe in angels and God.

Tonight’s episode is the first time I can say I was actually scared, like sitting in a dark movie theatre, waiting for the next burst of action.

As the season continues, I think we will see more glimpses into what Dean underwent in his four months in hell. The angel’s character will be a vitally important part to this season. And religion itself will become a major theme, especially the Book of Revelations in the Bible.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

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The plot thickens… So an innocent girl is being chased by demons because she can hear angels. She’s also being chased by angels because … she can hear angels. Either way, this girl is screwed. Seems pretty unfair to me. This episode ended with the dreaded “To be continued.” I hate those.

I’m with Dean on the whole feeling grossed out by Sam and Ruby. It’s a body of a girl in a coma. Yuck. Brings a whole new level to necrophilia.

I don’t care for the title of this episode because it’s not really a good indicator of what the plot will be about. It’s also the title of a very lame teen movie. I would have gone with something like “Heaven Can Wait” if you’re going to use a movie title. Or maybe “Damn it’s hot down here.”

Alastair, a demon from Dean’s time in the pit, taunts Dean as he beats the hell out of him. This demon is also more powerful than the run of the mill demons that the boys usually face.

We get a closer look at what life was like for Sam without Dean. Alone, drunk, and desperate for revenge, Sam finds temporary relief with Ruby. But he’s hell bent on going after Lillith and commiting “suicide by demon.”

I thought that the appearance of Castielle and his angel friend was going to be the Winchester’s saving moment. But their relief is quickly extinguished when they realize that the angels aren’t there to help them. Before the angels say it, you can sense that their mission is to kill the girl.

On a side note, I like Castielle. He’s reasonable to some extent and was willing to show some vulnerability to Dean. But I don’t care for his buddy angel at all. He’s rude and doesn’t come close to what I think an angel should act like. I hope they humanize this character more or kill him off.

The preview for next week shows that Sam isn’t alone in succombing to lust…

“To be continued.”